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11th January 2011

Health and Safety Compliance and Accreditation

Health & safety compliance is a very serious business which deals with the provision and maintenance of safe premises, services and environments. In addition to the obvious necessity of adherence with health and safety protocols in order to ensure that hazards and dangers are minimised, health & safety also plays an essential business role for a great number of organisations. The most prevalent of these roles relate to either compliance or accreditation:

Health & Safety Compliance

Failure to comply with relevant health and safety directives can have severe consequences; both human and financial and in some cases even potentially criminal. The human risk of providing facilities or services which fall short of health and safety regulations is obvious but unfortunately still something worth considering in the light of the continued occurrence of workplace accidents and fatalities- which could have been easily prevented. Even if a company has gone to lengths to ensure that accidents are highly unlikely to occur in the workplace however, it does not necessarily mean that they are fully compliant with HSE guidelines. Almost every industry has its own set of regulations in addition to more generic stipulations: all of which must be fully abided by. Getting to grips with this amalgam of rules, regulations and directives can be an incredibly time consuming and taxing business. It is not however something which can be ignored, with substantial fines and even criminal proceedings levied towards those who neglect to perform the necessary tasks or fill out the correct forms.

Navigating the treacherous landscape of health & safety legislation can be an awkward and confusing task, here at Lighthouse Risk Services we offer expert health & safety consultancy which allows companies to focus on what they do best by taking all of the guesswork and paperwork out of the equation.  Give us a call if you require risk assessment, health and safety guidance or any other information pertaining to your health and safety obligations.

Accredited Training and Accreditation

Not only is it essential to abide by health and safety stipulations, but in many cases members of staff must possess accredited certification in areas covered by health and safety legislation. These areas include everything from Manual Handling and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) through to Fire Safety Awareness.

Accredited training can also serve as a means of increasing the revenue of an organisation, particularly for those within the construction industry. In order for contractors and consultants to be eligible to gain inclusion on the approved tender list of many large organisations they must be accredited by a relevant body in order to prove their competence and health and safety compliance.

We are proud to offer a wide range of accredited training courses and are also able to provide advice and assistance in gaining health and safety accreditation which will ultimately help all manner of organisations to make themselves eligible for tenders which may otherwise be beyond their grasp.

Give us a call on 0845 459 1724 if you have any questions relating to any aspect of Health and Safety and Employment Law.

Competent person –

Appoint Lighthouse As Your Health & Safety Competent Person

The competent person role does not have to be fulfilled internally within every company. You can, therefore, outsource the appointment to a contractor or consultancy with the necessary qualifications and experience.

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