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13th June 2011

Recruiting New Staff – Why Is It So Important?

Understanding when to recruit new staff is vital to ensuring your employees’ mentality and attitude towards work is positive. Understaffing can affect the success of your business and cause you to lose customers and in turn, money. This is why recruiting new employees is essential to a healthy growing business.

I don’t have the time to search for a new member of staff

If your weekly schedule is so full it’s preventing you from hiring a new member of staff, it may be worth considering using a recruitment specialist to scout potential candidates. Specialists are a popular choice for employers due to them charging one fixed fee for finding the perfect candidate.

Flat fee recruitment specialists typically advertise the position(s) available within your company on their recruitment site and filter applicants so that you, as the employer, only receive suitable applicants. Using a fixed fee recruitment specialist helps to save the employer’s time, as opposed to them manually sifting through hundreds of CV’s themselves.

Do I really need a new member of staff?

If the morale of your employees has sunk like a capsizing ship then understaffing could be the problem. Deciding to continue without recruiting more workers could have a severe effect on company.

Establishments that are understaffed can result in employees feel more strain, which can consequently lead to work-related absence caused by stress. Also, you need to remember to adhere to working-time regulations and ensuring no one works over the 48-hour week unless they choose to “opt out”.

If your business is understaffed then your workers will need to rush; this could compromise the quality of your product or service. Customers could potentially look towards competitors and even inform others of their unsatisfactory purchase. When debating over whether to hire a new member of staff you may want to consider losses from failing to do so.

What contract can I offer my new employee?

If you don’t require a full-time member of staff, other contracts of employment are available. Part-time work is extremely popular, and necessary for job seekers who may have other commitments or a disability. Part-time work can be beneficial for both employers and employees.

For businesses that don’t require permanent staff, agencies can employ new staff on a fixed term or temporary basis. This means employers have flexibility and the employee can be told to attend work or go home dependant on business needs. For companies who need a helping hand for a week or so, work experience programmes can be beneficial. Work experience programmes are also helpful for school leavers who wish to gain experience within a certain industry to increase their chances of getting a job within their desired sector.

When recruiting a new member of staff, there are so many options available that can really benefit your business and the employee. Ensuring your employees are cared for with sufficient staffing can benefit you in the long run. Ensuring you have loyal, dedicated staff will help improve your chances of success.

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