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20th February 2018

New First Aid Guidance for 2018 from HSE

First Aid Guidance For 2018 - Lighthouse Risk LLPThe HSE has recently updated some of its guidance material that covers first aid at work. What has changed and what should you do with this information…..?

The HSE has published an updated version of its first aid at work (reference INDG347). It has been updated to cover current best practice advice on basic advice on first aid, covering resuscitation, bleeding, broken bones, burns, eye injuries and record keeping requirements.

It’s always good advice to ensure a copy of this updated first aid guidance is kept within first aid boxes as a basic guide to first aid treatment. It’s especially useful for first aid kits in vehicles as it’s more likely it will be read by someone without much training. Although the contents have changed only a little, Lighthouse would advise clients to circulate the updated version to their first aiders and other who may have a copy of the old one.

The most significant change is that the text now mentions the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) which have become increasingly popular in both workplaces and public areas for use as lifesaving equipment. If a casualty is not breathing, the staff member administering first aid should ‘’get help and call for an AED if available”. The instructions also explain the point during cardio-pulmonary resuscitation that and AED should be used after the first 30 chest compressions and having opened the airway.

If you have and AED it is imperative first aiders are to be trained to use it. This is very straightforward and always added on to any first aid course delivered by Lighthouse

Finally, to clarify a frequently-asked query on the advice line – You’re only obliged to install an AED in your workplace when your own assessment identifies it as necessary. There is no mandatory requirement at present.

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