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22nd May 2018

What is the HSE up to in 2018 and 2019?

What’s happening? 

The HSE has recently released its 2018/19 business plan that sets out its agenda for enforcement and strategic actions throughout the UK. What can you expect and how might you be affected?

The Plan

In 2017 the HSE conducted targeted inspection on approximately 20,000 workplaces; principally those which were known to be higher risk due to incidents or past inspections. It aims to carry out a similar number in 2018/19 along with various specific campaigns throughout the year.

The HSE will also be assisting the governments work in leaving the EU by making changes to regulations so that they still function after Brexit and, in particular; preparing the necessary changes to the chemicals regime (REACH Regulations), which is heavily reliant on European legislation at present.

In addition, HSE will also continue to support the Grenfell Inquiry and make the changes required following its conclusion expected later this year which Lighthouse considers will be far reaching.

Be Prepared…

Lighthouse is reminding all clients that the main focus of the HSE’s attention this year remains with ‘Health’ and so if inspected, make sure you are ready to answer questions about how you protect workers’ health, such as health surveillance, asbestos, chemicals, stress-related illness and manual handling injuries.

If you do receive a visit from a safety inspector, be prepared to explain how you manage any risks in these areas, as you’re likely to be put on the spot!

In line with the above, the HSE’s current “Helping Great Britain work well” campaign will still be ongoing and receive momentum as part of the plans with the next phase of the programme being focussed on reducing musculoskeletal disorders, occupational lung disease and work-related stress.

Lighthouse work with many businesses and our consultants are involved in assisting them during HSE inspections on a weekly basis.

If you do have concerns about any of the above mentioned issues, or indeed have been recently visited yourself and need advice or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our consultants on the advice line today on 0845 459 1724.

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