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23rd October 2019

Five Steps To Ensuring Health & Safety Compliance In Your Business

Construction worker wearing a hard hat - 5 steps to better health and safety compliance

Every trading business carries Health & Safety risks. UK Health & Safety legislation is in force to ensure businesses take effective steps to manage these risks.

We’ve compiled a 5 step guide to ensure your business has the relevant procedures in place to understand your exposures and implement the required actions.

Competent Person

All businesses trading within the UK are required to have access to a competent person, when it comes to their internal Health & Safety procedures.

A competent person should be well versed in the theory behind effective risk management, along with having qualifications and experience in the practical application of systems to reduce and control risk.


A Health and Safety audit of your business will produce a gap analysis on your current compliance position. Audits should be undertaken by a ‘Competent’ individual and cover all relevant areas of UK Health & Safety legislation. Applicable regulations and guidance notes should be taken into account with an action plan of requirements then devised and delegated for implementation.

Health & Safety Policy

It is a legal requirement that all businesses with 5 or more employees have in place a written Health & Safety policy, and that the procedures detailed within it are implemented throughout the business. The policy should detail your; statement of intent, specific roles and responsibilities of individuals, reporting procedures, practical applications for risk control and reduction, and personnel structure, on all matters Health & Safety.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments should always be specific to your businesses. They document the individual risks you carry, providing evidence that these have been; recognised, considered, and minimised, as far as is reasonably practicable. Communication of these assessments to relevant personnel will help raise Health & Safety awareness and protect your business from both civil and criminal legal exposures.

Employee Safety Training

Risk assessments will record methods of controlling risk. One such method is to appropriately educate those directly affected by that risk. This is why employee safety training is imperative and displays that, as a business, you are fulfilling your duty of care to your employees, whilst also ensuring a competent and safe workforce.

As you can see, Health & Safety risk management can be about more than just complying with your legal obligations. An effective risk management strategy will have a positive effect on a business; enhancing relationships with employees and stakeholders, and protecting the business from the reactive costs of accidents and incidents.

At Lighthouse Risk Services LLP we deliver bespoke consultancy solutions to your business.  Our qualified consultants will guide you through your obligations and requirements, along with analysing your strengths and potential risk exposures.  For further information, or for a no obligation risk management consultation, please contact us on 0845 459 1724, or

Appoint Lighthouse As Your Health & Safety Competent Person

The competent person role does not have to be fulfilled internally within every company. You can, therefore, outsource the appointment to a contractor or consultancy with the necessary qualifications and experience.

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