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30th September 2020

HSE Targeted Dust Inspections – October 2020

What’s Happening 

Despite numerous targeted inspections nationwide checking businesses remain Covid-19 compliant, the HSE has just announced that Health and Safety inspectors across Great Britain will also now be targeting construction firms to check that their health standards are up to scratch during a month-long dust inspection initiative, starting on Monday 5 October 2020.

Why Now?

This is actually the fourth health-focused initiative of its kind as the HSE agenda continues to place focus on respiratory risks and occupational lung disease. Therefore Inspectors will be looking at the measures businesses have in place to protect their workers’ lungs from the likes of asbestos, silica, and wood dust. 

While the primary focus will be on dust exposure, please be warned that if a HSE inspector identifies any other areas of H&S concern, they will be highly likely to take enforcement action to require businesses to deal with them. In the current climate, this will obviously, therefore, include making sure that businesses are doing all they can to protect their workers from the risk of coronavirus and make workplaces COVID-secure.

Be Prepared

Inspectors will be looking for evidence that employers and workers know the risks associated with respiratory risks (training), that appropriate planning is in place for the work being undertaken (i.e. risk assessments), and that the right control measures are being used including Local Exhaust ventilation (LEV) and/or Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). 

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