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17th March 2021

HSE Target Metalworkers In Summer 2021

Our client has recently received a letter from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), advising them to be prepared for an inspection focussing on ‘Fabricated Metals’.

The letter detailed that as part of the HSE’s targeted inspection activities on the sector, they will be paying particular attention to risks arising from:

  1. Metalworking Fluids
  2. Welding Fume

The regime is expected to last from May through to September 2021. 

What should Metalworkers expect?

Businesses in the sector can expect to be visited by an HSE inspector to ensure that they are complying with the law by assessing the health and safety risks in their workplace, along with implementing appropriate control measures. 

The letter went on to specify that employers should address the key health and safety risks to employees in the workplace, especially from exposure to metalworking fluids and welding fume which can cause occupational lung diseases such as asthma and cancer. 

Control measures such as suitable local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) can be expected to be scrutinised to ensure that they are installed and are being used correctly.

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