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20th May 2021

Get To Know Our Health & Safety Consultant

If you’ve ever wanted to know about the Lighthouse team, now’s your chance. Each month we will be shining a spotlight on someone from the team and hitting them with some quick-fire questions. Next up is Julie Byrne, our H&S Consultant. 

How long have you been working for Lighthouse?

4 years.

What is your favourite thing about Lighthouse?

Being somewhere different every day.  I’m not fond of routine, so it is nice being with different people and doing different things every day.

What is your favourite film?

I am struggling to pick a favourite, so I am going with a genre.  Sci-fi! But not the post-apocalyptic type!

What is your favourite TV show?

I would love to answer with a really highbrow show.  However, it is without a doubt Below Deck! I love it.  If you haven’t watched it, you are in for a treat!  A trashy treat!

What is your favourite food?

Anything someone else has cooked!

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Charter the Below Deck mega yacht for a glorious few days, but without the camera crew.  Too much effort would be required at the gym otherwise!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a sheep scientist and work with the scientist who created Dolly. I trained to become a shepherd and did my dissertation on sheep breeding techniques!  I spent many years working on farms, which I loved!  I can drive a combine and clip a sheep in 4 minutes!  Not skills I use every day (or any day), but useful in awkward training sessions when they make you say an interesting fact about yourself!

How would you rate your brew making skills out of ten?

Easily 12!  Although I am not sure anyone I make tea for would agree!  I like my tea to be a proper builder’s tea!  Very strong!  I hate anyone else making it for me.  To the point, it is a bit weird when I ask to make my own drink!  Thankfully my friends and clients are happy for someone else to make the brews!

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