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10th May 2023

Director Of Hotel Is Fined For Fire Safety Breaches

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What’s Happened?

A hotel director has been recently fined for failing to safeguard customers, employees and contractors after blocked fire escapes were found.

Officers from Swindon Borough Council’s Food, Health and Safety Team visited the Swandown Hotel in Swindon following complaints from customers regarding health and safety concerns which included blocked fire escapes, damaged electric sockets and broken bed frames.

An improvement notice was issued which had a deadline for various Fire and safety improvements to be made. However, when the Council officers returned to the building, they discovered that nothing had been done.

Falsifying Documents

When interviewing the owner, Council officers then discovered that a documented risk assessment (that was supposedly produced for the hotel by his health and safety consultant) was in fact for another site and business entirely. Furthermore, when the Council officers contacted the author he confirmed he had not visited the Swandown Hotel not had any knowledge or relationship with the hotel owner.

In Court

The hotel owner appeared in court on 31st March 2023 where it transpired that the original improvement notice had still not been complied with, even a year and a half after being issued, which particularly displeased the magistrates. They also criticised his attempt to pass off another business’s risk assessment as his own.

He received an £830 fine and must pay £1,000 towards the council’s costs plus £83 to fund victim services. His company has been fined £8,000, plus £190 for victim services, and the remaining £1,186.75 of the council’s costs.

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