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13th September 2023

Latest HSE Targeted Campaign to Focus on Moving and Handling Materials

HSE Launch Campaign On Moving & Handling

What’s Happening?

In the latest targeted inspection regime from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Inspectors will be carrying out inspections of construction sites across the country from 4th September 2023 –  specifically focusing on the health risks of moving and handling materials.

HSE are concerned that moving and handling heavy or bulky objects on construction sites is needlessly harming the health of tens of thousands of workers every year, causing injury to workers muscles, bones, joints and nerves that affect every aspect of their lives, and in many cases their ability to work and earn a living.

HSE is warning construction workers that the long-term impact on their health can leave them struggling to stand, walk, or sit down.

Site Inspections

The HSE’s view is that if moving and lifting are managed properly, a physical job on a building site should not disrupt every part of workers’ lives. Inspectors will therefore be focussing on the protection of workers who undertake moving and handling tasks which will include the following control measures:-

  • Use of suitable lifting aids or mechanical equipment to handle any large or heavy items.
  • Use of all-terrain pallet trucks to move blocks on site.
  • Use of brick-lifters to carry bricks around the site.
  • Use of suitable team lifting techniques.
  • Adequate training for operatives.
  • Use of suitable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Evidence of suitable and sufficient manual handling risk assessments within any site-specific RAMS.

The primary aim of the inspection initiative is to ensure workers’ health is being protected. Although as you may expect, if any health and safety breaches are discovered, HSE will take enforcement action to make sure workers’ health is protected.

If you are an existing client and have any queries regarding manual handling issues or HSE inspections within your workplace then don’t hesitate to call our H&S advice line today on 0300 303 5228.

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