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NEw PQQ Scheme

15th May 2019

Are PQQs about to get easier?

What’s Happening? Many of our clients get tired of completing the same questions on client Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ’s) s over and over again. Well – the end maybe in sight as a Common Assessment Standard (CAS) has recently been developed by a group of construction sector giants in the hopes of finally putting an end […]

8th May 2019

How can an employer be liable for its employees’ actions?

Employers can be liable for wrongful acts (or omissions) committed by its employees where there is a sufficiently close connection between the employees’ actions related to the employees ‘field of activities’, which falls outside the scope of the contractual relationship. This is commonly known as ‘vicarious liability’. The court will look at the nature of […]

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7th May 2019

Fire Safety Inspections – What’s going on?

Introduction As many of our clients have discovered recently, when the Fire & Rescue Service inspects premises, particular attention is now being given to the compartmentation of the building. Historically issues that have never been raised before are now being brought to the table for those in charge of the buildings to address. Why is […]

25th April 2019

Falls from height land Construction Company in Court

What’s happened? A construction company has recently been fined after two workers were seriously injured after falling through a ceiling at a site in Watford. At the time of writing – both of the employees are still unable to return to full time work. Following the incident, one spent two days in hospital after the incident […]

Top Shop Health & Safety Fine

25th April 2019

Topshop Fined £450K after Children Injured

What’s Happened? This article highlights how tragic accidents and incidents can arise even in what would generally be perceived as a ‘low risk’ retail environment. The owners of Topshop have recently been heavily fined following an accident in which a queue barrier fell on to a young girl. Just a week later, a similar accident […]

HSE FFI Fee Increases

11th April 2019

HSE FFI Charges Rise to £154 P/Hour

What’s happened? The HSE has recently raised its FFI rate to a whopping £154 per hour. This is a significant price increase from the previous rate of £129 per hour. If you are found to be in material breach of health and safety law, you will have to pay for the time it takes the […]

9th April 2019

What effect will Brexit have on employment law?

Many significant areas of employment law are based on EU law, such as working time rights and employee rights on the transfer of a business. After the UK leaves the EU, with or without a deal, EU employment law will be converted into UK law. Depending on the terms of any deal reached with the […]

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