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13th March 2019

Items Falling From Racking?

Our H&S advice line has received a spate of calls recently regarding clients who have suffered items falling from their racking systems. What steps should you be taking in this Scenario? The Risks Racking is higher risk than it might at first appear, with the potential for falling objects or collapse, however most of the […]

Employee Holiday Entitlement - Employment Law

7th March 2019

Holidays and holiday pay: What employers need to know

While the right to 28 days’ paid holiday was a welcome addition to workers’ rights, employers have been less enthusiastic about the complicated development of the rules, particularly if staff work irregular hours or their pay includes commission or bonus payments. With the law being so hard to navigate, it is easy to unwittingly miscalculate […]

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25th February 2019

How not to manage reversing HGVs….

What’s Happened? In a recent interesting case, a manufacturing company has been prosecuted by the HSE in connection with a vehicle collision, even though no workers were injured. A visiting tanker collided with a fork lift truck (FLT) at the premises of a manufacturing company. At the time of the accident the tanker was reversing […]

20th February 2019

HSE Construction Blitz – The Results…

What’s happened? As warned in a previous post, During October 2018 HSE inspectors completed a blitz of construction and refurbishment sites throughout the UK. What did they find? Annual Tradition It seems to be becoming an annual event for HSE construction Inspectors to hit many sites each autumn with unannounced inspections. The main focus of […]

6th February 2019

Are you liable for the misdemeanors of your employees?

What do the following have in common? A managing director punches an employee at a drinking session in the early hours; a self-employed doctor sexually assaults a bank’s prospective employees during pre-employment medical checks; a petrol station attendant violently assaults a customer, and an IT auditor releases personal data for staff at Morrisons?  The answer: […]

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24th January 2019

Upcoming Employment Law changes – the Taylor Review responses

In July 2017, the UK Government commissioned and published an independent review of ‘Modern Working Practices (namely the ‘Taylor Review’)’ which sought to modernise UK employment law practices to ensure a consistently fair labour market and an evolving legal and social landscape towards the attitudes of employment. Briefly, the independent Taylor Review discovered the need […]

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