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2nd December 2020

Taking Care of Your Employees (Whilst Taking Care of Yourself)

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for business owners and managers which are testing their people management skills to the absolute limit. The demands are often two-fold as the financial and economic pressure increases for the leaders themselves, potentially placing their own jobs or livelihoods at risk. This is a highly stressful position from […]

25th November 2020

Ceiling Collapse onto Crowd Results in Fine

A gathering hall in Birmingham has appeared in court alongside a Principal Contractor whom it engaged to carry out refurbishments to the venue following a near miss during a school graduation ceremony. The Incident Around 400 guests attended the ceremony on 20th July 2017 at the Al-Miraj Banqueting Suite at a community mosque. A suspended […]

11th November 2020

Company Fined £525,000 after Fork Lift Truck Incident

What’s Happened A manufacturer has recently been prosecuted and ordered to pay £525,000 following the failure to safely segregate workers and vehicles which resulted in a worker being hit by a forklift truck and seriously injured. Incident An employee was working at the companies manufacturing premises in Tredegar, south east Wales when he was struck […]

4th November 2020

The Employer/Employee “Mexican Stand Off”

A prudent business should have robust HR procedures in place; ready to deal with employee issues of conduct, capability or performance, in the interests of fairness.  A structured approach is likely to get to the root of the problem and affords the employer and the employee ample opportunity to state their case.  But what if […]

21st October 2020

Cardiff Care Home Fined £400,000 after Fire Breaches put Residents at “Serious Risk”

What’s Happened?  The Directors of a Care Home have recently pleaded guilty to significant breaches of fire safety regulations at their residential property in South Wales. The breaches were so severe they were described as potentially leading to a “large-scale tragedy”. Following multiple inspections from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Residential Care Home (which […]

14th October 2020

Supermarket Fined £30,000 for H&S Offences

What’s Happened? A supermarket in Hertfordshire has recently been fined £30,000 for providing unsafe equipment and what was described as a ‘flagrant disregard’ of a prohibition notice. Prohibition Notice Environmental health officers carrying out a routine inspection of the supermarket decided to serve a prohibition notice on a meat-cutting bandsaw that did not have an […]

5th October 2020

“Seeing is Better Than Being Blind, Even When Seeing Hurts.” – Abraham H. Maslow

In 1943 Abraham Maslow proposed his psychological theory on the hierarchy of needs as part of his paper titled “The Theory of Human Motivation”.  His idea is that humans inherently pass through stages of behavioural motivation; physiological needs, safety needs, the need to belong, esteem needs, and self-actualisation.  Each stage represents the growth of the […]

30th September 2020

HSE Targeted Dust Inspections – October 2020

What’s Happening  Despite numerous targeted inspections nationwide checking businesses remain Covid-19 compliant, the HSE has just announced that Health and Safety inspectors across Great Britain will also now be targeting construction firms to check that their health standards are up to scratch during a month-long dust inspection initiative, starting on Monday 5 October 2020. Why […]