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Case Study


The client

Our client’s business is involved in the manufacture of bathroom furniture and operates from 3 separate sites in and around Yorkshire.

The problem

Hands-round-tableOur client had employed an internal Health & Safety (H&S) manager for many years. This person was nearing the age of retirement and their impending departure was to leave the business without a ‘Competent Person’ to oversee management of the H&S function as required under the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999.

Lighthouse were approached as the business was considering whether to employ another internal H&S manager, or outsource the competency to an external consultant.

To further complicate things, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) had given notification that they were to shortly undertake a spot check of systems and procedures at one of the clients’ manufacturing sites. This posed problems for the business as the inspection would surely scrutinise any proposed succession plan for the outgoing H&S manager.

The proposed framework

Lighthouse committed to providing an on-site presence by way of a competent and qualified H&S consultant for 4 days a month in the run up to the outgoing manager’s retirement.

This would allow the outgoing manager and the Lighthouse consultant(s) to manage the handover of responsibility smoothly.

Once the handover was completed, Lighthouse proposed to be on site for 2 days per month to manage the continued maintenance and upkeep of H&S processes.

This was to include the following responsibilities:


  • Being appointed as the client’s ‘Competent Person’ to oversee H&S processes within their business
  • Implementing any changes in UK H&S legislation into existing procedures
  • Up-keeping all safety documentation
  • Migrating documented procedures onto the Lighthouse online management system
  • Undertaking employee safety training in areas such as manual handling and fire safety
  • Increasing employee knowledge and awareness of risk assessments and safe working practices
  • Undertaking independent audits of safe working practices
  • Managing the company’s near miss reporting strategy
  • Investigating serious accidents and incidents and liaising with the appropriate enforcing authorities

The administration of ensuring machinery checklists, personal protective equipment registers and general good housekeeping was to be distributed amongst the client’s department managers.

Lighthouse also proposed to accompany the outgoing manager and any additional management staff at the pending HSE site inspection by way of acting as a mediator and independent competent person.

The result

FLTLighthouse were subsequently appointed to implement the proposed framework.

The immediate concern was the HSE visit, particularly with the Fee For Intervention cost recovery regime for non-compliant UK businesses gathering pace. Lighthouse undertook an initial audit of existing safety systems; implementing some procedural and documentation changes in preparation for the HSE inspection.

This passed without concern and with no additional costs levied at the client by the HSE.

Lighthouse consultants then proceeded to implement the framework proposed as the internal manager wound down to retirement.

The client continues to benefit from a fully maintained Safety Management System and competent advice, ensuring that they remain aware of the duty of care they owe to their employees and those that come in to contact with their business.

By continuously reviewing and enforcing H&S procedures Lighthouse has also been able to enhance the safety culture within the business – uniting managerial and shop floor employees’ focus, whilst also greatly reducing the business’ exposure to civil liability claims.

Furthermore, our client has also been able to demonstrate to their customers that they have maintained and developed on their already excellent safety systems; thus enhancing their reputation in the marketplace.

Finally, Lighthouse’ consultancy fees represent a substantial cost saving compared with the annual salary of directly employing a new Health & Safety manager within the business.

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