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CCTV Camera - employers monitoring employees

1st July 2020

CCTV – Every step you take, I’ll be watching you?

Employers may take steps to monitor employees using CCTV, bag searches, drug testing, or checks on websites or emails.  The extent of the monitoring should be set out clearly in the employee handbook/contract of employment and should not be a surprise to the employee; the employer should also ensure that the monitoring is compliant with […]

drinking at work

17th June 2020

Issues of Alcohol and Employees in the Workplace – They Just Don’t Mix

Managing an employee with a drinking problem is a complex matter, requiring consideration for confidentiality, understanding and support that would normally be applied in other physical or mental health scenarios. Drinking at work is not illegal in office spaces, however, it would be an offence if for example driving vehicles or operating machinery. Taking alcohol […]


2nd June 2020

Non Disclosure Agreements – Ending Abuse of the Confidentiality Clause?

A Non Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) or a confidentiality clause may be used by an employer to prevent an employee from disclosing information. Amid growing controversy in the use of NDAs in cases of criminal activity, sexual harassment, discrimination and whistleblowing, ACAS recently issued new guidance in the fair and proper use of such a document. […]

19th May 2020

Keep Calm and Carry on with your Capability Plan

When seeking to terminate the contract of employment through dismissal for performance, the employer must show a justifiable reason for it; namely that the employee has fallen below the standard of capability required to perform their role. Capability is contextualised with particular reference to health, physical or mental impairments as well as general performance issues […]

28th April 2020

Football Club Scores an Own Goal with Season Ticket Deductions from Wages

With Coronavirus impacting businesses and the immediate employment law challenges being faced, it could be easy to miss the introduction of an increase to the National Minimum Wage (“NMW”), taking hourly pay for people aged 25 and over to £8.72 (among other changes).  An employer perceived by an HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) enforcement officer […]

21st April 2020

Statement Confirms Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to Enforce COVID-19 Control Measures

As reported in our blog article on COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace being reportable under RIDDOR 2013, the HSE has now issued an email confirming that organisations identified as not conforming to current guidance on social distancing will have action taken against them. These actions can range from the HSE providing specific advice on systems […]

15th April 2020

The Health & Safety Executive Confirm Position on Fork Lift Truck Operatives During COVID-19 Outbreak

Rider operated lift trucks should only be operated by persons who are deemed competent to do so and have received the appropriate training. That is the position that all organisations need to follow when considering who to allow to utilise their lift trucks during the current Coronavirus outbreak. This does not alter from the Health […]

Employees working at desks in open plan office

17th March 2020

COVID-19 – FAQ’s for Employers

Q: An employee receives a note from 111, a GP or NHS professional requiring them to self-isolate – or has been advised to do so because they have developed a continuous cough or high temperature – what do I pay them? A: In these circumstances, the employee is entitled to SSP because they are advised to remain away from work […]

13th March 2020

Government’s Proposed Next Steps

The Delay phase – next steps If the disease becomes established in the UK, we will need to consider further measures to reduce the rate and extent of its spread. Based on experience with previous outbreaks, it may be that widespread exposure in the UK is inevitable; but slowing it down would still nonetheless be […]