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17th March 2020

COVID-19 – FAQ’s for Employers

Q: An employee receives a note from 111, a GP or NHS professional requiring them to self-isolate – or has been advised to do so because they have developed a continuous cough or high temperature – what do I pay them? A: In these circumstances, the employee is entitled to SSP because they are advised to remain away from work […]

13th March 2020

Government’s Proposed Next Steps

The Delay phase – next steps If the disease becomes established in the UK, we will need to consider further measures to reduce the rate and extent of its spread. Based on experience with previous outbreaks, it may be that widespread exposure in the UK is inevitable; but slowing it down would still nonetheless be […]

13th March 2020

COVID-19 – Planning at a Glance

Business Continuity: Identify key roles and departments (e.g. finance, IT, reception); Can those roles and departments function if: There is a workplace closure; A key employee is infected? Split up key departments/ create distinct shifts to reduce the risk of spread of infection? Working from Home: Is there the equipment/ infrastructure to work from home? […]

4th December 2019

Gig Economy Working and the Ambiguity of Workers’ Rights

‘Worker’ is a broad term for people who work for a living either (a) under a contract of employment (an “employee”) or (b) under any other contract whereby the individual performs work or services for another party. Employment status affords certain rights such as minimum wage, working time rights, health and safety protection and the […]

Subject Access Requests on the rise - image of an employee data form

20th November 2019

Subject Access Requests From Employees Rising – Are You Ready?

It would be hoped that subject access requests (“SAR”) are considered a useful tool to assist genuinely concerned employees in understanding the data held about them by their employers.  Unfortunately, there is a growing consensus among employers that employee requests are being used to apply administrative pressure, expense and additional complexities, particularly when there is […]