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red bus in London

30th August 2023

Tribunal Rules On Gender Specific Slurs

In the recent case of Miss Amanda Fischer v London United Busways Limited [2300846/2021], the tribunal heard claims relating to the use of slurs in the workplace and whether they were gender specific, which were pleaded as gender reassignment discrimination. Miss Amanda Fischer (the Claimant) was engaged by the Respondent (London United Busways Limited) as […]

people dancing in nightclub

26th July 2023

A Desire To Go Clubbing Is Not Discriminatory

Does a disagreement over a venue for a work Christmas party amount to discriminatory conduct? No held the tribunal in the recent case of Mrs C Palladino v Reed in Partnership Ltd. In the case, the Claimant (Mrs C Palladino) worked for the Respondent (Reed in Partnership Ltd) as an HR advisor. At the time […]

person handing over a contract and pen over to another person

29th June 2023

Employee Denied Pay Rise Due To Husband’s Salary

Ms Jiang Ping (the Claimant) worked as a Senior Manager in a part-time role at the Respondent (James Duran’s & Sons Ltd) and has recently been successful in a claim for sex discrimination and victimisation after being denied a pay rise due to her husband’s salary. The Claimant commenced employment with the Respondent in 1998. […]

woman with head in her hands

27th April 2023

Paralegal Succeeds In Pregnancy Discrimination Claim

In the recent case of Farzana Yasin v Swift Lawyers Ltd (2407552/2021) the Employment Tribunal held that Ms Yasin (‘the Claimant’) was discriminated against on the grounds of pregnancy but was not unfairly dismissed. The Respondent was a Law Firm and the Claimant commenced employment in 2017 as a paralegal working on cavity wall insulation […]

woman typing on laptop

29th March 2023

Harassment in the workplace

Shirley Lyons (“the Claimant”) was employed by Starplan (“the Respondent”) as a designer/sales consultant from June 2013 until her resignation in April 2018. At the Respondent’s Christmas party in December 2017, the Claimant was the only female employee in attendance. At a restaurant, one of her male colleagues commented on her breasts and cleavage whilst […]

dentist and patient

22nd February 2023

Are written terms relevant for Employment Status?

Are written terms relevant for Employment Status? Yes, found the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)l in Ter-Berg v Simply Smile Manor House Ltd and others [2023] EAT 2. The EAT found that the Employment Tribunal has erred in not starting their analysis of whether the Dr Ter-Berg (The Claimant) was an employee by considering the terms […]

person handing over a contract to sign

25th January 2023

Fabricating documents

In the case of Mr Tunnicliff v Baytree Car Sales and Others (2601351/2022) the tribunal determined that Mr Tunnicliff dismissal was procedurally unfair and Baytree Car Sales had fabricated a disciplinary process and documents. The Claimant, Mr Tunnicliff worked for the Respondent, Baytree Car Sales as a manager for 24 years before his dismissal. It […]

man carrying belongings out of an office

7th December 2022

Vanishing dismissal

In the case of Marangakis v Iceland Foods Limited [2022] EAT 161, the Employment Appeal Tribunal determined whether an employee could rely on their dismissal if they appeal and are reinstated. On 24 January 2019, Ms Marangakis (“the Claimant”) was dismissed from her role at Iceland Foods Limited (“the Respondent”) as a part-time sales assistant […]