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Changes to IR35 - calculator, pen & paperclip on top of financial charts

9th October 2019

Getting ready for the off-payroll tax reforms – changes to IR35

IR35 is a tax law initiative introduced in April 2000 to address issues of ‘deemed employment’ where a business engages workers on a self-employed basis, (usually through intermediaries) rather than on an employment contract, essentially ‘disguising’ the worker as an employee. There are benefits to the company in using this method, alleviating the requirement to […]


28th August 2019

Are Your Employees ‘Thriving at Work’ or Is Their Mental Health at Risk?

The holiday season invariably asserts pressure on co-employees to cover and fulfill the roles of other staff, which if not managed carefully may increase the stress levels of the individual, affecting mental health and well-being. Society has recognised the requirement to be more proactive in the workplace when supporting mental health issues; one in six […]


16th July 2019

Could Flexible Working Benefit Your Business?

Many companies are trailblazing the way forward in developing how, where and when employees are expected to work in the delivery of their role. A legal outfit based in Plymouth have recently trialled a four-day working week arrangement which sees the office open later into the evenings, but closing Friday.  The firm reported increased productivity and […]

8th May 2019

How can an employer be liable for its employees’ actions?

Employers can be liable for wrongful acts (or omissions) committed by its employees where there is a sufficiently close connection between the employees’ actions related to the employees ‘field of activities’, which falls outside the scope of the contractual relationship. This is commonly known as ‘vicarious liability’. The court will look at the nature of […]

9th April 2019

What effect will Brexit have on employment law?

Many significant areas of employment law are based on EU law, such as working time rights and employee rights on the transfer of a business. After the UK leaves the EU, with or without a deal, EU employment law will be converted into UK law. Depending on the terms of any deal reached with the […]

Employee Holiday Entitlement - Employment Law

7th March 2019

Holidays and holiday pay: What employers need to know

While the right to 28 days’ paid holiday was a welcome addition to workers’ rights, employers have been less enthusiastic about the complicated development of the rules, particularly if staff work irregular hours or their pay includes commission or bonus payments. With the law being so hard to navigate, it is easy to unwittingly miscalculate […]

6th February 2019

Are you liable for the misdemeanors of your employees?

What do the following have in common? A managing director punches an employee at a drinking session in the early hours; a self-employed doctor sexually assaults a bank’s prospective employees during pre-employment medical checks; a petrol station attendant violently assaults a customer, and an IT auditor releases personal data for staff at Morrisons?  The answer: […]