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12th May 2021

Supermarket Store Workers Seeking To “Pocket the Difference” In Equal Pay Claim

Last month in Asda Stores Ltd v Brierley & Others, the Supreme Court found that the claimants (mostly women working in supermarkets) were entitled to compare themselves for equal pay purposes with employees (mostly men) working within Asda Distribution Centres (“DC”).  A ‘valid comparator’ is a critical stage in establishing the basis for a successful […]

7th April 2021

“You Can Do A Lot If You’re Properly Trained, It’s All To Do With The Training” – Queen Elizabeth II

When is an employee deemed effectively trained in employment policies and procedures?  An excellent sense check is to imagine the worst-case scenario played out in any particular area, then examining whether the training expectation is actually being fulfilled properly.  Is it a fluid, progressive programme that facilitates colleagues to live, breathe and keep up to […]

11th March 2021

Beach Money For Employees: Extreme Remote Working

Bestselling self-development books such as The Four-Hour Work Week (T Ferriss) and Beach Money (J Adler) aim to promote and recommend the freedom and flexibility of working time. They also make a compelling argument for breaking down geographical boundaries of where an employee should work. The development of technology and improved internet in most locations […]

10th February 2021

Home-schooling Is A Walk In The Park, If The Park Is Jurassic Park

Millions of workers with younger children have reprised the role of home-schooler or learning facilitator for the January lockdown – and many are beginning to feel the strain.  March 2020 offered a vanilla experience of home education for temporary school closures; the novelty was palpable while families baked bread, exercised with Joe Wicks and crafted […]

3rd February 2021

Rekindling The Office Romance

In recent employment history, workers have campaigned for their employers to embrace home working; trusting the employee to work independently and to offer an environment that promotes work life balance and improves mental health.  Many flirted with the notion, some paid lip service while others went further; viewing the arrangement as a Golden Ticket to […]

19th January 2021

A Crisis Is A Terrible Thing to Waste

This year demonstrated that when companies are forced to change through necessity, rapid business transformation can occur; many employers and employees have shown a willingness and ability to innovate rapidly, adapting to the evolving landscape. Smart businesses are using the pandemic as an opportunity to ‘stop and think’, pausing to profoundly review their customer proposition, […]

2nd December 2020

Taking Care of Your Employees (Whilst Taking Care of Yourself)

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for business owners and managers which are testing their people management skills to the absolute limit. The demands are often two-fold as the financial and economic pressure increases for the leaders themselves, potentially placing their own jobs or livelihoods at risk. This is a highly stressful position from […]

4th November 2020

The Employer/Employee “Mexican Stand Off”

A prudent business should have robust HR procedures in place; ready to deal with employee issues of conduct, capability or performance, in the interests of fairness.  A structured approach is likely to get to the root of the problem and affords the employer and the employee ample opportunity to state their case.  But what if […]

5th October 2020

“Seeing is Better Than Being Blind, Even When Seeing Hurts.” – Abraham H. Maslow

In 1943 Abraham Maslow proposed his psychological theory on the hierarchy of needs as part of his paper titled “The Theory of Human Motivation”.  His idea is that humans inherently pass through stages of behavioural motivation; physiological needs, safety needs, the need to belong, esteem needs, and self-actualisation.  Each stage represents the growth of the […]