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Man fatigued at work

27th September 2022

Disabled At The Relevant Time?

In order for an employee to fall under the protection of disabled under the Equality Act 2010, they must be disabled at the time of the discriminatory act. In the recent case of Quinn v Sense Scotland ETS/4111971/2021, the tribunal confirmed that an employee who caught COVID-19 two weeks before their dismissal was not disabled […]

Music teacher writing notes on a blackboard

28th July 2022

Holiday Pay For Part-Year Workers

In the recent case of Harper Trust v Brazel [2022] UKSC 21, the Supreme Court held that holiday pay for term-time workers who work for part of the year but have a year-long contract must have their holiday pay calculated in the same way as a full-time worker and not prorated. In this case, the […]

Man sat on a bed suffering from fatigue

29th June 2022

Long COVID As A Disability

An employee with a disability will qualify for protection against discrimination if they have a protected characteristic. Under section 6 Equality Act 2010 for an employee to qualify as having a disability if they: Have a physical or mental impairment, and  The impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry […]

Menopause in the workplace

27th April 2022

Menopause In The Workplace

Research by BUPA concluded that almost a million workers left their jobs before the pandemic due to experiencing menopause symptoms. A further poll by Research without Borders found the primary reasons for those leaving the workforce. These included the high pressures placed on them, the lack of flexible working arrangements to manage their symptoms, and a lack […]

City of London

22nd February 2022

Employment Law Bulletin – February 2022

There have been a number of employment law and HR updates making the news in February. In our latest blog, we take a look at these events. Wales: Suggestion of 4-Day Working Week Trial The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has called on the Welsh Government to trial a shorter working week. A new report, […]