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6th February 2019

Are you liable for the misdemeanors of your employees?

What do the following have in common? A managing director punches an employee at a drinking session in the early hours; a self-employed doctor sexually assaults a bank’s prospective employees during pre-employment medical checks; a petrol station attendant violently assaults a customer, and an IT auditor releases personal data for staff at Morrisons?  The answer: […]

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24th January 2019

Upcoming Employment Law changes – the Taylor Review responses

In July 2017, the UK Government commissioned and published an independent review of ‘Modern Working Practices (namely the ‘Taylor Review’)’ which sought to modernise UK employment law practices to ensure a consistently fair labour market and an evolving legal and social landscape towards the attitudes of employment. Briefly, the independent Taylor Review discovered the need […]

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12th December 2018

Unfair Dismissal and Drug Testing

A recent case before the Employment Tribunal has highlighted the risk to employers of placing too much emphasis on the results of a drug test when dismissing employees to gross misconduct. In the instant case, a bus driver with 20 years of service consented to a random drug test by his employer. A saliva test […]

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12th December 2018

Permanent Health Insurance and Unfair Dismissal

Many businesses in the United Kingdom offer insurance benefits for employees in the event of their long-term or permanent incapacity during employment. This is commonly known as permanent health insurance (PHI) and typically provides a proportion of full pay to an employee for an often significant length of time where they are unable to work […]

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26th November 2018

Employee Wellbeing: Your Responsibilities As An Employer

Bowls of fresh fruit and mindfulness sessions are becoming increasingly common in the workplace as employers try to promote the wellbeing of their staff. A successful wellbeing strategy can improve employee attendance and retention, as well as productivity.  It can also help shield you from compensation claims brought by employees for stress-related conditions which may […]

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25th September 2018

Minimum Wage and “Sleep-Ins” Decision Confirmed

The financial pressures on the care sector are never out of the news for long. However, employers providing round-the-clock supervision or care to the elderly and infirm, vulnerable adults and young people are breathing a sigh of relief following a recent judgment on entitlement to the national minimum wage.  The recent decision in the Court […]

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