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Health and safety in winter weather. Two people walking on a snow covered road

22nd January 2024

Health And Safety In Winter Weather

Health and safety in winter weather should be a key consideration for all businesses. Slip and trip accidents increase during the autumn and winter seasons for a number of reasons. There is less daylight; leaves fall onto paths and become wet and slippery; and cold weather spells cause ice and snow to build up on […]

Birds on a red tile roof

12th January 2024

Roofing Company Is Fined £881K Following HSE Investigations.

What’s Happened A roofing company has been recently fined a total of £881,000 after two workers were seriously injured during two separate, but similar incidents. One of the roofing companies’ employees is understood to have fractured his pelvis after falling through a factory roof in Newcastle. He had been replacing a skylight in a corrugated […]

Fire alarm on a cracked cream coloured wall.

15th December 2023

Fire Compartmentation – What Is It?

Fire Compartmentation – What is it? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) requires all non-domestic buildings to be fire risk assessed by a competent individual. Simply put, compartmentation is the process of dividing a structure into ‘compartments’ for effective risk management. Each compartment is reinforced by using fire-resistant materials and by installing protective […]

UK schools have been closed due to problems with RAAC

23rd November 2023

Do you Have RAAC?

Introduction You have no doubt seen the headlines this year with large-scale closures of schools and public buildings due to risks of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC). This blog aims to provide an overview of the risks and what action should be taken to mitigate the risks of RAAC should you have it within your […]

UK Fire Truck

8th November 2023

Company Fined After Residents Put At Risk During Removal Of Dangerous Cladding

What’s Happened? A cladding company has recently been fined £240,000 after inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found highly combustible cladding lying on residents’ balconies at a Liverpool apartment block, posing a serious fire risk. The aluminium composite panels and combustible cladding were understood to have been similar to that used in Grenfell […]

Furniture Company Fined After Exposing Staff To Wood Dust

19th October 2023

Furniture Company Fined After Exposing Staff To Wood Dust

What’s Happened A furniture manufacturer has recently been fined £16,000 after it repeatedly failed to protect its employees from exposure to wood dust. The Cheshire-based company was inspected by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on two separate occasions over a two-year period – with both identifying identical breaches. HSE Visits An initial visit to […]

CCTV Cameras Can Be Installed To Minimise The Impact Of Terrorism On the Public.

17th October 2023

New Bill to Combat Terror Threats

What’s Happening? The Government is seeking to introduce a new Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill – often referred to ‘Martyn’s Law’ in tribute of Martyn Hett, who was killed alongside 21 others in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017. The new Bill aims to place a duty on qualifying public premises or events to […]