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Employment Law Advice Services

At Lighthouse, our employment law consultancy support services are delivered on fixed fee contracts, based on your ‘Full Time Equivalent’ staffing numbers.

You can choose to take out a twelve month, 2 year or 3 year agreement with us for employment law advice, with fees agreed at the outset and fixed for the duration.

We offer a range of services as part of your employment law support contract, details of which can be found by clicking on the service icons below.

When instructing Lighthouse to provide employment law support to your business, you will be allocated two points of contact from our team of solicitors – a lead solicitor and a reserve should your main advisor be unavailable for whatever reason.

Your contacts will then provide on-tap commercial legal advice to you for the duration of your contract.

Initially, we will run through a review of your contracts of employment and employee handbook, ensuring they are legally compliant and working in the correct way for your organisation.

Your solicitor is available to you to call at any point during the working week, providing employment law consultancy support to you for any number of circumstances in which you need it.

The employment law advice we deliver is based on a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the law, however we understand that sometimes commercial decisions need to be made and we will work with you to achieve the outcome that you want.

We do not operate a call centre, and so when you make contact with the employment law team, you do not receive a scripted response; each enquiry is individually assessed and dealt with in a commercially viable fashion.

All discussions and employment law advice are backed up with written correspondence providing you with a coherent and definitive path to follow.

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Man in a suit holding an employment law book

15th February 2024

Former Sociology Professor Wins Employment Tribunal Case Against The University of Bristol

The Claimant, David Miller, was employed by The University of Bristol in 2018 as a professor of Political Sociology. The Employment Tribunal found that the Claimants ‘anti-Zionist’ beliefs qualified as ‘philosophical belief and a protected characteristic’. Furthermore, it was found that the Claimant was subject to direct discrimination due to the university’s decision to dismiss […]

Read about our range of Employment Law Advice Services services

Solicitor Led Advice

Advice delivered to you by a team of qualified employment law solicitors, regulated by the Solicitors Regulations Authority

Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbook

Lighthouse solicitors will draft and prepare and review both employment contracts and your company handbook

Employment Law Advice Line

Lighthouse clients have access to a dedicated Health & Safety support advice line, ensuring you receive competent guidance on any queries.

Legislation Updates

Receive continuous updates on changes to UK Health and Safety legislation that are relevant to your organisation.


Periodic seminars on Employment Law ‘hot topics’ – free for Lighthouse customers to attend


Delivery of procedural training for internal Human Resource employees

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