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Employment Law

Solicitor Led Employment Advice

Clients who utilise Lighthouse for Employment Law consultancy support deal solely with practicing employment law solicitors.

Our team will provide you with advice and support to ensure your business not only complies with UK employment legislation, but is also protected from an attack by a disgruntled or former employee.

Your business will be allocated 2 dedicated solicitors from our Employment Law team. This will provide you with direct access to an individual, as opposed to a call centre style operation.

An initial consultation with your solicitor(s) helps us to develop a working knowledge of your operations, whilst also allowing us to establish any forthcoming projects which you may have in the pipeline.

Our interest is to ensure that you achieve the employment outcomes that you want, whilst maintaining compliance with UK Employment Law guidelines.

Your fee for this service is calculated based on the number of employees within your business, with a fixed rate being applied for the duration of your contract with us. This allows you to budget for the advice you may require over the course of a working year, without the unknown quantity of having to pay solicitors on the traditional ‘billable hours’ basis.

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As an employer struggling through the fog of daily staff issues and complicated employment law, it really is refreshing to speak to a solicitor who provides straight forward, sensible advise.  I have already told Lighthouse that I am impressed with the service you have provided to me since the recent change over.

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