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UK Health & Safety legislation is both complex and extensive, however, a thorough health and safety audit tailored to your unique business processes can help clarify things.

The reason UK Health & Safety legislation is both complex and extensive is because it was designed as a ‘catch-all’ to create uniform compliance across the board.

Therefore, not all elements of the legislation will be applicable to every trading business. In other words, the risks posed in an office environment, for example, will be dramatically different to those faced in a working factory and if the risks are different, then so will the health and safety measures you need to have in place in order to be compliant.

A thorough health and safety audit of your individual business processes and procedures is a great way of identifying where you currently stand from a health and safety compliance point of view.

This is where our consultants can help. All our consultants at Lighthouse Risk Services have a breadth of knowledge and experience in different industry sectors, meaning we can tailor your health & safety audit to suit your individual procedures, the areas of legislation that are applicable to you and the perceived industry ‘best practises’. Any relevant Health & Safety Executive guidance notes and Approved Codes of Practise will also be considered and referenced, with a detailed report being prepared.

Our audit reports are formatted to be as user-friendly as possible, essentially creating a ‘Gap Analysis’ highlighting areas of both strengths and potential exposures.

Your report will be delivered complete with a ‘Task List’ of remedial actions, leaving you with a simple checklist of items of concern.

Where relevant, Lighthouse can provide additional support to your business to rectify or implement the relevant remedial works. This could be things like; reviewing and updating safety documentation, undertaking a specific survey or assessment or delivering safety training to your employees.

If you think your business could benefit from an extensive health and safety audit, then please contact our consultants today.

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