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Legislation Updates

By employing Lighthouse as your Competent Person, we have a responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the UK Health and Safety legislation that applies to your business.

Like any other item of statute, Health and Safety law in the UK is constantly evolving with revisions generally being issued in the months of April and October.

Lighthouse Health and Safety consultants ensure that your business is aware of any changes that may have an effect on the way that your business operates.

Draft alterations to legislation are usually in place at least 6 months prior to release for a consultation period. We are aware of these proposals from an early stage, allowing your Health and Safety consultant to discuss the implications with you as soon as possible.

Should revisions to internal practices and documentation be required, your Lighthouse Health and Safety consultant will guide you through this process, making the merger of procedures to tie in with new legislative guidelines as easy as possible.

Our customers are often keen to ensure that their employees are aware of changes to UK Health and Safety law. We are therefore familiar with providing bespoke training presentations and seminars to communicate any relevant changes and outline your plans for any required changes to operational procedures.

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