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3rd July 2018

Self-employed status – Pimlico Plumbers

In the Pimlico Plumbers case, the Supreme Court was asked to consider whether the label attached to their ‘self-employed’ contractors reflected the reality of their working arrangements, with a view to deciding if those contractors were ‘workers’ entitled to a range of benefits, including paid annual leave and the right not to be discriminated against. […]

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26th June 2018

Working outdoors in Hot Weather

The Lighthouse H&S advice line receives many queries each year from clients who have employees working outdoors in hot weather and want to know their obligations. With temperatures set to hit 30 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country this week, it’s important to ensure you have considered the additional risks faced by staff. […]

19th June 2018

Age discrimination in the workplace

As school leavers and graduates compete with an ageing population who need or want to work longer, there is an increasing risk to employers of employees bringing claims against them for age discrimination where they believe their career prospects have been adversely affected by how old they are.  This article outlines the main provisions of […]

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19th June 2018

Hotel Fined £50,000 after Ignoring Hot Water Risks

What’s Happened? The owners of a hotel based in Norfolk has recently appeared in court after ignoring the risks associated with Hot water at its site which resulted in a pensioner being left with catastrophic scalds. An 86 year old pensioner was staying at Ancient House – part of the Victoria Hotel in Holkham. He […]

19th June 2018

Business owner jailed for Fire Safety breaches

What’s happened? Despite repeated warning from the Fire and Rescue Service, a businessman and owner of a 14th century wedding venue in Crewe, Cheshire, has recently been sentenced to 20 months’ jail for breaching Fire Safety regulations. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service visited the Haslington Hall site which is a Grade 1 listed timber-framed building. […]

19th June 2018

Tips for Appealing against a HSE Enforcement Notice

What’s Happened? The HSE has recently lost a court case in which it claimed that certain evidence should be inadmissible by the other party. The favourable outcome now makes it easier for employers to successfully appeal against enforcement notices. Here’s what you need to know… Being Served with a Notice When you receive a visit […]

22nd May 2018

GDPR: what employers need to do after D-Day (Part Two)

With the emphasis on complying with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations now shifting to what needs to happen after 25 May 2018, we continue the discussion on how to ensure compliance is maintained. Record keeping and central register Although businesses employing fewer than 250 people are not obliged to maintain records about […]

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22nd May 2018

What is the HSE up to in 2018 and 2019?

What’s happening?  The HSE has recently released its 2018/19 business plan that sets out its agenda for enforcement and strategic actions throughout the UK. What can you expect and how might you be affected? The Plan In 2017 the HSE conducted targeted inspection on approximately 20,000 workplaces; principally those which were known to be higher risk […]