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14th January 2020

New Welding Fume Guidance Issued

What’s happening? The HSE has recently published revised guidance on welding fume – this comes after it started enforcing higher standards in this area back in 2019. The long-awaited practical guidance will help employers understand how to manage the health risks of welding, and inspectors will be visiting to check businesses are on track with […]

personal injury halfords

17th December 2019

Xmas Retail Warning – Watch Your Stock Levels…

What’s Happened? Bike retailer Halfords has recently been ordered to pay more than £200,000 after a set of heavy boxes collapsed on to a staff member, pinning him against a wall and leaving him with a suspected cracked rib during the busy festive period. This case serves as a timely reminder for our retail-based clients […]

5th December 2019

A Festive Risk Assessment

Spare a thought for the myriad of hazards faced by Santa each year….In this blog, we take a light-hearted festive look over the risk assessment requirements involved in delivering millions of gifts around the world. So what exactly does Santa need to do to make sure he’s safe and that we all have a Merry […]

4th December 2019

Gig Economy Working and the Ambiguity of Workers’ Rights

‘Worker’ is a broad term for people who work for a living either (a) under a contract of employment (an “employee”) or (b) under any other contract whereby the individual performs work or services for another party. Employment status affords certain rights such as minimum wage, working time rights, health and safety protection and the […]

christmas tree with red and gold baubles

27th November 2019

A Sober Reminder for the Festive Period

It’s less than a month until Christmas and the office parties are about to start coming thick and fast. So it’s time to put plans in place to ensure that your workforce doesn’t take the idea too literally. As we move into December it’s nearly the “season to be jolly’, and so without sounding like […]

Subject Access Requests on the rise - image of an employee data form

20th November 2019

Subject Access Requests From Employees Rising – Are You Ready?

It would be hoped that subject access requests (“SAR”) are considered a useful tool to assist genuinely concerned employees in understanding the data held about them by their employers.  Unfortunately, there is a growing consensus among employers that employee requests are being used to apply administrative pressure, expense and additional complexities, particularly when there is […]

Stress & the workplace - man sat on couch with head in his hand.

14th November 2019

The Facts About Work Related Stress

The HSE has recently published new guidance with the aim of managing expectations about its likely enforcement response to reports of work-related stress. Stress… The HSE defines stress as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’. Employees obviously feel stress when they can’t cope with pressures […]

Construction worker pouring concrete on site

7th November 2019

2019 Injury and Ill Health Statistics Released

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently released the annual injury and ill-health statistics for 2018/2019. These figures include statistics for work-related ill health, workplace injuries, working days lost, enforcement action taken, and the associated costs to Great Britain. Figures show that around 581,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries in 2018/2019, with 1.4 million workers […]