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16th July 2019

Could Flexible Working Benefit Your Business?

Many companies are trailblazing the way forward in developing how, where and when employees are expected to work in the delivery of their role. A legal outfit based in Plymouth have recently trialled a four-day working week arrangement which sees the office open later into the evenings, but closing Friday.  The firm reported increased productivity and […]

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26th June 2019

HSE launches new round of Dust Inspections

It’s very common for the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to run short-term campaigns concentrated on a very specific sector or risk (and occasionally both). Earlier this month, they announced a new campaign and this time their efforts are focused on the risks associated with dust. Why focus on dust? The effects of dust exposure […]

Health and Safety Service Strike

10th June 2019

Sign Installer Fined £35K After Cable Strike

What’s Happened? The potentially simple task of installing a hotel sign has ended in disaster for one worker. He suffered severe burns and his employer has received a substantial fine as a result. How did this happen and what mistakes were made? The Accident An Employee was sent to install a sign at the entrance […]

Woodworking Health & Safety

24th May 2019

Don’t ignore the HSE!

What’s Happened? A company – Glamping Cocoon Ltd – and its Director have both been sentenced for failing to comply with Health & Safety legislation after being served with Improvement Notices. Inspections Glamping Cocoon Ltd was subject to an unannounced inspection as part of the HSE’s targeted campaign of the woodworking sector. Four Improvement Notices […]

NEw PQQ Scheme

15th May 2019

Are PQQs about to get easier?

What’s Happening? Many of our clients get tired of completing the same questions on client Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ’s) s over and over again. Well – the end maybe in sight as a Common Assessment Standard (CAS) has recently been developed by a group of construction sector giants in the hopes of finally putting an end […]