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1st November 2018

Do I Have to Train Fire Marshalls?

The Scenario This question is commonly asked by clients when our consultancy team are undertaking fire risk assessments at sites. When you’re putting together your buildings excavation strategy you’ll need to appoint key members of staff to take charge in an emergency situation. But once you’ve done that, what training is actually required…….and how often […]

30th October 2018

Fee for intervention – Is it Going to Get Worse…?

What’s happening? As most will be aware, the much loathed ‘Fee for Intervention’ (FFI) scheme was introduced in October 2012 by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) which allows its inspectors to charge for their time if they find that a business is “in material breach” of H&S legislation. The idea of the scheme being […]

30th October 2018

£40,000 Fine for Poor Ladder Management

What’s happened? London Zoo has recently been fined £40,000 after a cleaner fell from a faulty ladder while working inside their hawk aviary. Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard that the employee suffered neck injuries in the accident while removing droppings from a shelf under the birds’ perches. The ladder she was using had been retrieved from a […]

23rd October 2018

HSE to Target Construction Sites

What’s happening? The HSE has recently announced that Construction firms across Great Britain will be targeted on their health and safety standards on the latest inspection initiative this month. The inspections are to be specifically targeted on key areas, with focus given to respiratory risks and occupational lung disease. The Inspectors will be looking at […]

25th September 2018

Minimum Wage and “Sleep-Ins” Decision Confirmed

The financial pressures on the care sector are never out of the news for long. However, employers providing round-the-clock supervision or care to the elderly and infirm, vulnerable adults and young people are breathing a sigh of relief following a recent judgment on entitlement to the national minimum wage.  The recent decision in the Court […]

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Whistleblowing - Employment Law

25th September 2018

Whistleblowing: Act fast or face the consequences

Whistleblowing protection affords employees the statutory right not to be dismissed or to suffer a detriment as a result of making a protected disclosure about their employer’s conduct. Traditionally, for a disclosure to be ‘protected’, it must have contained raw information, and not simply voice a concern or raise an allegation; which would perhaps be […]

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25th September 2018

So What Exactly is ‘Fire Stopping’…?

You’ve recently had a fire risk assessment of your building carried out. Within the report you have been told by your fire risk assessor that there are gaps in “compartment” walls and floors throughout your premises which require “fire stopping”. What exactly do they mean by this, and how should you go about fixing the […]