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Clients who take out ‘Competent Person’ support contracts with Lighthouse will benefit from receiving a new Health and Safety policy, bespoke to their trade and operations.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require all organisations with 5 or more employees to have a Health and Safety policy in place.

This document is a guide as to the management systems implemented by the organisation to ensure that they are compliant with all relevant areas of UK Health and Safety law.

Some organisations may have experienced ‘catch-all’ Health and Safety policies that many reams of information on legislation that does not apply to their operations.

Lighthouse’ Health and Safety consultants compile a simple, easy to negotiate document, listing only the legislation and practices that apply to your business.

The document comprises 3 main sections as detailed below:

1. Policy statement

The Health and Safety policy statement provides declaration of your organisation’s intent to provide and maintain, so far as reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment and to enlist the support of employees towards achieving these ends.

The statement will often be signed by the Managing Director or CEO, to demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to managing Health and Safety.

2. The Organisation and Responsibilities

This section details specific Health and Safety responsibilities within the organisation, in order to demonstrate the logical delegation of duties for ensuring the policy is effectively implemented.

Key individuals and their job titles are named, and responsibilities defined within a job description. These key individuals will include Lighthouse being named as the ‘Competent Person’.

3. The Arrangements for Policy Implementation

This section covers the systems and procedures in place for ensuring employees’ health and safety.

Within this, all relevant articles of legislation are detailed, along with the organisation’s interpretation of these articles, and arrangements for its compliance with them.

It is the largest part of the manual and is most often changed or amended due to new legislation and developments within the Company’s arrangements for managing health and safety.

Once agreed and signed off by the Managing Director, CEO or similar, the Health and Safety policy should be made readily available to all employees of the organisation.

The document should also be reviewed continuously should there be any significant changes to either:

  • Persons within the organisation and responsibilities section
  • The fundamental operations of the organisation
  • UK Health and Safety Legislation that directly apply to the operations of the organisation

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