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Noise at work can be a major concern for businesses operating large machinery, or heavy processes. Industrial deafness claims are commonplace from workers who have been exposed to high levels of noise during their employment.

Furthermore, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 place specific responsibilities on employers to identify the appropriate hazards and implement control measures to reduce employees’ exposure to noise.

These regulations also stipulate that you are to take specific action at certain action values relating to:

  1. The levels of exposure to noise of your employees averaged over a working day or week
  2. The maximum noise to which employees are exposed during a working day

The action values sit between 80 -85dB for daily or weekly exposure, with peak sound pressures of 135-137dB.

There is also an upper limit for which exposure must not exceed of 87dB and for daily or weekly exposure and a peak sound pressure of 140dB.

In order to determine your exposure levels you will need to undertake a Noise Survey and Risk Assessment.

Lighthouse Health & Safety consultants have the required competence and qualifications to undertake these on your behalf.

Your consultant will visit your premises to determine noise exposures using the appropriate equipment and analysis techniques.

The results of the survey will determine whether the lower and upper action values are being exceeded, and will be presented along with recommendations on the appropriate control measures to reduce employees’ exposure to noise. Such controls may include; engineering controls, hearing protection programmes, health surveillance and Personal Protective Equipment.

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