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6th February 2019

Are you liable for the misdemeanors of your employees?

What do the following have in common? A managing director punches an employee at a drinking session in the early hours; a self-employed doctor sexually assaults a bank’s prospective employees during pre-employment medical checks; a petrol station attendant violently assaults a customer, and an IT auditor releases personal data for staff at Morrisons?  The answer: […]

12th December 2018

Unfair Dismissal and Drug Testing

A recent case before the Employment Tribunal has highlighted the risk to employers of placing too much emphasis on the results of a drug test when dismissing employees to gross misconduct. In the instant case, a bus driver with 20 years of service consented to a random drug test by his employer. A saliva test […]

12th December 2018

Permanent Health Insurance and Unfair Dismissal

Many businesses in the United Kingdom offer insurance benefits for employees in the event of their long-term or permanent incapacity during employment. This is commonly known as permanent health insurance (PHI) and typically provides a proportion of full pay to an employee for an often significant length of time where they are unable to work […]

19th June 2018

Age discrimination in the workplace

As school leavers and graduates compete with an ageing population who need or want to work longer, there is an increasing risk to employers of employees bringing claims against them for age discrimination where they believe their career prospects have been adversely affected by how old they are.  This article outlines the main provisions of […]

22nd May 2018

GDPR: what employers need to do after D-Day (Part Two)

With the emphasis on complying with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations now shifting to what needs to happen after 25 May 2018, we continue the discussion on how to ensure compliance is maintained. Record keeping and central register Although businesses employing fewer than 250 people are not obliged to maintain records about […]

6th March 2018

Snow Days – Your Obligations As An Employer

With last week’s extreme weather, many employers will have needed to deal with the question of how to deal with absences resulting from the bad weather such as snow days. For some, absence from work will have been caused by travel disruption and blocked roads; for others school closures will have caused last minute problems […]

27th February 2018

Equal Pay For Equal Work

With reports about differences in pay between high profile men and women seemingly in the news on a daily basis at the moment, there cannot be many people in the UK who have not wondered how their pay compares to colleagues of the opposite sex.  In this article, we explain the rules on equal pay and […]

28th June 2017

Queen’s Speech 2017 Employment Law Implications

On 21 June 2017 the legislation the government intends to introduce or carry over into the 2017-19 Parliament was set out in the Queen’s Speech. Within the announcements were various matters which will have implications from an employment law context. National Living Wage It was announced that the National Living Wage will increase to 60% […]