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23rd January 2017

Property management company receives fine for elevator death

In December, a property management company was fined £120,000 after a 29 year old man passed away tragically after falling down a lift shaft. Upon investigation by the HSE, it was found that the man had been trapped inside the lift and struggled to escape, having been unable to raise the alarm. Bolton Crown Court […]

3rd January 2017

Stepladder fall costs Volvo £900,000 Fine

Car Giant Volvo has recently been prosecuted £900,000, ordered it to pay costs of £5,820 after an employee was seriously injured following a fall from stepladders at their Truck and Bus Depot in Enfield, North London. The technician was servicing a lorry owned by delivery firm DHL when he identified that the access rope to […]

26th October 2016

£300,000 fine for firm not following correct PUWER procedures

A recycling company based in Kent has incurred a significant fine following an injury to a worker who was repairing a shredder. On 7th October 2013, a plant mechanic employed by recycling firm, Countryside Recycling Limited, commenced remedial works on the machine after the metal roof plate of the hammer drum has become detached. The […]

12th October 2016

£1.5m fine and suspended jail sentence follow care home fall

Care home operator Embrace All has been fined £1.5m after an elderly resident died following a care home fall down a set of steps. The care home manager landed a nine-month jail sentence, suspended for two years. George Chicken, a 76-year-old resident of the Rose Court Lodge care home in Sutton Road, Mansfield died from severe head injuries […]

5th October 2016

Company fined £1m following death of lone worker

A manufacturing company based in Hemel Hampstead has been fined £1million after a worker was crushed to death by falling machinery. Colin Reddish from Lincolnshire was involved in moving a large CNC milling machine within the company’s Grantham factory on 30 April 2015,  when it overturned, crushing him fatally. The machine had been lifted using […]

13th April 2016

Man jailed for six years following fatal fall

One man has been jailed for six years and another for eight months after two incidents on the same day left one man dead and another with life-changing injuries, after falls from a roof they were repairing. Allan Thomson was jailed for six years and fined £400,000 after he and his company Building and Dismantling […]