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Employment Law

Read about our range of Employment Law services

Solicitor Led Employment Advice

Advice delivered to you by a team of qualified employment law solicitors, regulated by the Solicitors Regulations Authority

Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbook

Lighthouse solicitors will draft and prepare and review both employment contracts and your company handbook

Advice Line

Unlimited telephone access to our solicitors for advice on all aspects of employment law

Legislation Updates

Proactive written updates on UK Employment legislation and how they affect your business


Periodic seminars on Employment Law ‘hot topics’ – free for Lighthouse customers to attend


Delivery of procedural training for internal Human Resource employees

Every trading business carries employment risks, be that; ensuring that the appropriate, legally compliant, contract of employment has been issued to their staff members, communicating the policies and procedures detailed in the employee handbook effectively, or dealing with disputes with current or former employees who feel they have been mistreated.

You can greatly reduce your exposure to these risks by adopting a pro-active attitude to employment practices. By following due process on all employment matters from the job interview and offer stage, right through to the termination of a contract, you will naturally have given yourself robust protection against these risks.

Lighthouse Risk Services LLP provide fixed fee employment law support to ensure your business has effective employment systems in place that comply with the appropriate legislation.
The service is delivered by qualified employment law solicitors, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our business is not a call centre, and so when you make contact with the employment law team, you do not receive a scripted response; each enquiry is individually assessed and dealt with in a commercially viable fashion.

The employment law team do not sit on the fence and won’t give you rehearsed advice. All discussions are backed up with written correspondence providing you with a coherent and definitive path to follow.

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Just wanted to let you know how fantastic the legal team are. They are personable, informative, quick to respond and as you would expect highly professional.

It has been a case of 'all buses coming at once' unfortunately. I have dealt with all employment matters myself over the last 8-12 months, however we are in the middle of 2 challenges and Sam Pawson and Charlotte Ardour, really are a pleasure to work with.

Jane Allott Print-On Solutions

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